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The Ultimate All-Star Teams

Posted on: September 11, 2009 10:45 am
So I just got done voting for the "All Time 9" for the Orioles and it got me thinking about the All Time 9...All Time!  There are way too many players to cut it down to just 9, so I've decided to put together AL and NL All-Star teams.  I'll use loose roster rules...a starter and a backup at each position, 5 man rotation, and a 5 man bullpen.  For guys that played in both leagues, I will put them with the league where they had their best years and either are in or will be in the HOF as.  I'm not putting this out there as some proclamation that I am the almighty knower of all things baseball...but I'm a baseball junkie and would love to get a little debate going on this.

C - Ivan Rodriguez, Yogi Berra
1B - Lou Gehrig, Harmon Killebrew
2B - Roberto Alomar, Nap Lajoie
3B - George Brett, Brooks Robinson
SS - Cal Ripken, Jr., Robin Yount
LF - Ted Williams, Frank Robinson
CF - Ken Griffey, Jr., Ty Cobb
RF - Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson
SP - Walter Johnson
SP - Pedro Martinez
SP - Nolan Ryan
SP - Jim Palmer
SP - Roger Clemens
RP - Mariano Rivera
RP - Dennis Eckersley
RP - Hoyt Wilhelm
RP - Goose Gossage
RP - Rollie Fingers

C - Johnny Bench, Mike Piazza
1B - Albert Pujols, Tony Perez
2B - Rogers Hornsby, Joe Morgan
3B - Mike Schmidt, Eddie Matthews
SS - Ernie Banks, Honus Wagner
LF - Stan Musial, Barry Bonds
CF - Willie Mays, Duke Snider
RF - Henry Aaron, Roberto Clements
SP - Cy Young
SP - Christy Mathewson
SP - Randy Johnson
SP - Greg Maddux
SP - Lefty Grove
RP - Bruce Sutter
RP - Trevor Hoffman
RP - Tug McGraw
RP - John Franco
RP - Kent Tekulve
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Posted on: September 14, 2009 2:35 pm

The Ultimate All-Star Teams

Koufax could probably be on there.  He won 3 Cy Youngs in a 4 year span.  However, Johnson won 5 Cy Youngs in a 7 year span, and Maddux won 4 in a row and also won 18 gold gloves, and both of those guys played in the era after the mound was lowered to help hitters and faced hitters in steroids in smaller ballparks.

In regards to Mantle and Joe D, I feel like both were great players but are slightly over-rated because they played in NY (If you don't think there's a bias, explain to me why Phil Rizzuto is in the hall of fame and Bert Blyleven is not).  Here are the stats comparing Griffey, Cobb, Mantle, and Joe D.  Griffey has more HRs, Gold Gloves, and RBIs than Mantle and Dimaggio, with the same # of MVPs.  Cobb has the highest career BA of all time and 6x more stolen bases than any of the others on this list.

Griffey Career Stats (21 seasons and still going)
- .285 BA
- 625 HRs
- 2755 Hits
- 1817 RBIs
- 184 SBs
- 3 time MVP
- 10 consecutive Gold Gloves

Cobb Career Stats (24 seasons)
- .366 BA (all time record)
- 117 HRs
- 4189 Hits
- 1937 RBIs
- 892 SBs
- 1 MVP (keep in mind he overlapped with Babe Ruth, Rogers Hornsby, and Honus Wagner)
- 20 batting titles (18 consecutive)

Mantle Career Stats (18 seasons)
- .298 BA
- 536 HRs
- 2415 Hits
- 1509 RBIs
- 153 SBs
- 3 time MVP
- 1 time Gold Glove winner

Dimaggio Career Stats (13 seasons)
- .325 BA
- 361 HRs
- 2214 Hits
- 1537 RBIs
- 30 SBs
- 3 MVPs
- 2 batting titles

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Posted on: September 13, 2009 8:23 am

The Ultimate All-Star Teams

Sandy Koufax and Mickey Mantle are the only two I'd add. 

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Posted on: September 13, 2009 12:31 am

The Ultimate All-Star Teams

My NL Team would look like the
1b Pujols and Eddie Murray
2b Joe Morgan and Rogers Hornsby
SS Ozzie Smith and Ernie Banks
3b Mike Schmidt and Eddie Mathews
C  Johnny Bench and Gary Carter
LF Stan Musial and Barry Bonds
CF Willie Mays and Duke Snider
RF Hank Aaron and Roberto Clemente
 P Bob Gibson 
    Sandy Koufax
     Nolan Ryan
     Tom Seaver
     Don Drysdale
     Bruce Sutter
     Warren Spahn
     Steve Carlton
     Trevor Hoffman
Manager  Sparky Anderson

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Posted on: September 12, 2009 2:47 pm

The Ultimate All-Star Teams

Hard to argue with those lists. However, there are three players for the NL missing who I really think should be on there: Bob Gibson and Sandy Koufax. I really hope you just forgot Gibson and Koufax because they blow Maddux and Johnson out of the water. Sometimes it said stats can lie, but in this situation, these insane statistics do not lie. Koufax - 165 wins, 87 losses, 2.76 ERA, 137 cg, 40 shutouts, 2396 strikeouts compared to only 817 walks, and a perfect game. He also earned 3 Cy Young Awards and an MVP Award. All this achieved in only a 12 year span. Gibson has robust stats as well - 251 wins, 174 losses, 2.91 ERA, 255 cg, 56 shutouts, 3117 strikeouts (almost as many SO's as hits allowed), and a low 1.19 whip in 17 years. Both of these pitchers were more dominant in their primes than Maddux and Johnson ever have been. Not trying to take away from Greg or Randy, but Bob Gibson and Sandy Koufax were better. As for the American League. Why is Roberto Alomar starting 2nd baseman? What about Eddie Collins of the Chicago White Sox? What about Charlie Gehringer of the Detroit Tigers? Why is Nap Lajoie (a career .338 hitter) behind Alomar??? Eddie Collins is widely considered the greatest 2nd baseman in American League history, and the stats show - .333 batting average, 187 triples, 1499 walks compared to 286 strikeouts, 1821 runs, .424 on-base percentage, and 744 stolen bases. He also won an MVP Award, was an immaculate fielder, and was one of the few White Sox who did not gamble on the 1919 World Series. Charlie Gehringer was also a great 2nd baseman - .320 batting average, 574 doubles, 1183 career walks compared to 372 strikeouts, and a .404 on-base percentage. He was widely known as one of the most consistent players in the game, with the nickname of "The Mechanical Man." Just some thoughts on some guys I think should be on the list.  

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Posted on: September 12, 2009 11:58 am

The Ultimate All-Star Teams

You obviously never saw Bob Gibson or Sandy Koufax pitch.

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Posted on: September 11, 2009 5:59 pm

The Ultimate All-Star Teams

WOW - No OZZy, Joe Dimaggio, two of the Robinson's are up there (missing one for sure), The "MICK"-HELLLLOOO!, Bob Gibson - really you missed him off the list?, Warren Spahn - Come on read the stats,
Roberto Alomar (the other Robinson insert here!) spit in a ref's face - kick him off that list, Barry - Steroids - out of here,
But hey I do like the players on the list! However - you could of just put the whole 1927 Yanks or 1906 Cubbies on there!!

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Posted on: September 11, 2009 4:46 pm

The Ultimate All-Star Teams

Been a long time National League fan and have no arguments with most of the choices.  However in the SP category how about Warren Spahn (Milwaukee Braves), Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax (Dodgers) and Robin Roberts of the Phillies.  There are so many good choices, it would be hard to argue with any of them.

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